The Crown Letter

Michelle Deignan is contributing to The Crown Letter a participative project initiated on 21 April 2020 during lockdown by the artist Natacha Nisic. It is an open platform for free expression of women artists, wherever they are in the world. It is a weekly contribution, a cartography of the intimate over time and space, offering a meeting place for a community of subjectivities.

Other artists contributing to this project include: Alica Berger, Kate Blacker, Dettie Flynn, Catherine Radosa, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Andrea Blum, Katja Stube, Catalina Swinburn, Liza Dimbleby, Mutsumi Tsuda, Sudha Padmaja Francis, Claire Chevrier, Shani Ha, Luise Schröder, Sandra Richard, Ruth Maclennan, Ana Mendes, Natacha Nisic, Claire-Jeanne Jezequel, Pascale Criton, Mika Shigemori.