Side Story, Maria Stenfors, London, 2011

Side Story: a screening of artists’ moving image works Saturday 15th October 2011 at 12pm.

In conjunction with Michelle Deignan’s first solo exhibition at Maria Stenfors: ‘Posing as a subject amongst subjects’, Michelle Deignan has also curated a screening of artists’ moving image works that consider what happens on the edge of a semi-fictional universe. Works included in the screening will be:

Annie Davey, ‘Kejev House’ 2010
Gerard Byrne, ‘Figures (Some analogies surveyed, and organized into concrete poetry and conceptual film forms, on dates between 2001-2011)’, 2001 – 2011
Alexandra Navratil, ‘Portrait over 30m’, 2008
Paul Rooney,  ‘La Décision Doypack’, 2008
Michael Mazière, ‘Actor’, 2010